When the drain field must be elevated due to soil conditions, seasonal high water table or site conditions that require it to be located in another location, lift stations are used.

A lift station works by filling up as water leaves the septic tank causing a float to rise. When it reaches a certain point it triggers the pump to turn on and pump the water to the drain field. If the pump or float stops working, water will not be pumped from the tank causing your plumbing to back up.

Lift stations can take quite a beating over time not only from all the pumping, but also from corrosion and abrasion. With the harsh and demanding environment, periodic repair and replacement is only to be expected!.

Lift station repairs require not only expert level plumbing skills, but also high levels of electrical-, controls and structural knowledge. Atlantic Wastewater Solutions has the know-how and the experience to get the job done correctly the first time around!