In simple terms, the septic system consists of two parts – the tank and the leeching system. If you have a very complicated system, you may have dosing cambers, drop boxes, aerators or other attachments that are included.

The septic tank is a large box that is usually made from concrete but it may also be made from metal or plastic. The size will vary based on the size of the house and the regulations of the county. All the waste water from the home enters the tank from an inlet that opens into the middle section of it. This section consists of bacteria that break down the components of the waste water. This waste is then separated into three parts.

The organic solids settle at the bottom and that layer is called ‘sludge’. The middle layer is a relatively clear liquid which is called the effluent and the top layer consists of all the organic particles that are called the ‘scum’. By separating all the waste water and allowing it to accumulate in one place, it is easy to pump them out of the system. The leeching system is used to distribute the effluent water into the ground. This is good for the mud and ground in the surrounding areas.

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